Who am I?
I’m a UX & Product Designer with a strong mix of design, technical and business experience.
I have a degree in Computer Science and was a web developer for a number of years  before transitioning into UX design. My mother is an artist and my father an IT/business expert, and so fittingly at the end of high school, I had a choice between art and technology. Despite choosing the technology path, I’ve never lost that creative drive. Even in my early years working as a software developer in Melbourne Australia, I was always the one who was in photoshop designing the user interface before UX was a thing. 
Looking back, how and why I got to where I am now, makes a lot of sense.
After a few years working overseas in San Francisco USA and London UK, when I returned to Melbourne I made the transition from web developer to UI Designer & Front-end Developer, allowing me to balance both technology and creative sides. I’ve always had a streak of entrepreneurship and took a few freelance web design & development jobs on the side under the banner of Dangerous Pixels, a play on my nick name “Dangerous Dave” (pro tip: David’s are never actually very dangerous, it’s sarcasm at it’s best and aligns nicely with my sense of humour).
When the App Store arrived, I pivoted the company to focus solely on design and develop of mobile apps for iOS and Android, went full time and took on 2 business partners. Initially on the tools, both design and coding but then focusing more on UX design than development as the company grew size and work load. We pushed hard for our clients to make their apps strong and unique digital products and got to create some amazing apps.
In 2013, we faced some tough decisions as the business was good, but not quite good enough for the security required to meet the family life goals of the directors of Dangerous Pixels. So the hard decision was made to put the pixels on ice and pursue full time jobs (for a while, read on...).
I joined the UX design team at Suncorp Group as a Senior UX Designer and after a year had the opportunity to take over as UX Manager. At Suncorp, I focused on growing the Human Centred Design capability, design leadership, mentoring and improving the digital customer experience at Suncorp.
I'm currently working at Deloitte as an Experience Design Manager, but still design mobile apps through Dangerous Pixels on the side.
I still keep my hands on skills in design sharp, and also keep up to date with the latest technology, particularly mobile, tablet, TV apps and wearables. The delight of being on the tools and creating things with my hands still appeals to me as digital creative artist at heart.
Outside of work, I enjoy surfing, travel, movies, video games, books, photography, working out and craft beer … with the last two interests being in constant battle with each other ;-).
I currently live in Melbourne, Australia.
So who am I? 
I’m David Kennedy, UI/UX & Product Designer ... but most people call me DK or Dangerous.
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