Freelance Product Designer

Specialising in UI/UX design for Apps and Games
Melbourne, Australia
Apple Design Experience
Silicon Valley experience having previously worked at Apple on the App Store, Game Center and Apple Arcade
Apps & Games Design
Full stack T-shaped designer, deep in UX and proficient in every aspect of design including research, UX, UI, prototyping and visual design
Computer Science Degree
Technical edge with a deep understanding of platforms, engineering and process
"David has a big UX mind. He thinks about things that the rest of us overlook and follows them up with inspiring design solutions. David is a standout operator in his field. His biggest strength is his ability to deal with conflicting priorities in high-pressure situations. He never loses his cool which is one of the reasons he stands out as an awesome designer."​​​​​​​
Andy Gray
Product Designer, Apple Inc
"David and I worked together for over 3 years and I can confidently say he's one of the strongest designers I've worked with. David brings both leadership and guidance skills, which go above and beyond traditional UX work. He is capable of tapping into any stage of the design process."
James Duggan
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