Half Moon Bay, California USA

Digital Creative. Gamer. Surfer.
As the son of an artist and an IT expert, I’ve always had a passion for both art & technology.
Starting off with a degree in Computer Science and working successfully as an  engineer for a number of years, it wasn’t long before my creative side eventually took over and the transition into design was made.
When the iPhone & App Store launched, it was the perfect opportunity to blend both passions and my focus turned to designing Apps & Games. This path eventually led to me working as a product designer for Apple on the App Store and gaming services such as Game Center and Apple Arcade.
Over the course of my design career, I’ve gained a wide variety of experience from freelancing to running an app design consultancy, design leadership, working for startups, small, medium and large businesses, crafting & launching my own digital products as an entrepreneur and working in Silicon Valley.
I have a strong passion for design, craft, quality and a deep understanding of technology. I have a balanced tension between creativity and process, an eye for detail, a calm, humble, diplomatic & collaborative approach and a strong will to push the creative arts & technology forward in innovative ways.
Outside of work, I love to play video games, surf, grab a beer, lift weights, watch basketball and keep learning. Most recently I've been diving deeper into 3D graphics and game design with Blender 3D and Unity 3D.
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